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C.E.T. Testimonials

Neurological Rehabiltation Success 

"Katherine Lackey works magic!  She has helped many of my patients increase cognitive and behavioral function.  The results from her program have been dramatic."

- Dr. David Friedel, O.D., F.A.A.O., F.C.O.V.D.



"The Perceptual Enrichment Program for neurological rehabilitation is a highly rewarding treatment, enabling patients to gain processing skills, cognitive functions and self esteem."

- Ann Licari, O.T.R./L., Occupational Therapist



"Following my head injury, I was unable to read with comprehension, to problem solve, or remember things to communication effectively.  I was overwhlemed and could not multitask. P.E.P. cognitive therapy improved and enhanced the quality of my life."

- Nyla Umari, Head Injury Patient


"My twelve-year-old son has worked with Katherine Lackey for approximately 9 months.  We began working with his auditory and processing skills, as well as executive functioning skills, such as:  time management, initiation and organization.  When we first started, he was struggling to earn C’s on his report card and every homework assignment was a battle.  As he gained in neurological processing skills and became more efficient with learning and personal responsibility, his grades and study skills improved.  Within the last six months, he has earned honor roll status—with ALL A’s and B’s on his report card.  We are all thrilled!  Even more importantly is his shift in attitude towards school work.  He takes responsibility for his homework and puts forth his best effort; he is set for success.  Now he talks about college majors and university options and sees his goals as very obtainable.  Our experience with Katherine has been invaluable; she has been a Godsend.  I would highly recommend her!"

- Jessa Turner, Mother

"I am so grateful for C.E.T. and Katherine Lackey.  Katherine was instrumental in helping my son when he experienced reading and comprehension difficulties in grade school and then again in middle school after a sports concussion.  Katherine utilized diagnostic testing to pinpoint which developmental skills needed improving and then designed therapies, activities, and games to help improve my son’s reading and comprehension abilities.  These therapeutic activities were both challenging and fun for my son.  It was wonderful to watch his confidence grow and to see him gain pride in the work he did.  Years later, I can still see the benefits of Katherine’s time, effort, expertise, and unwavering support in many areas of my son’s life."

- Elizabeth Attanasio, Mother


"My eight year old daughter attended sessions with Katherine Lackey at C.E.T. for two lessons weekly during the Summer 2018 break.  When our daughter returned to school in the fall, her new teacher reported that she had gained two levels on the school’s reading test since last May.  Her teacher was impressed with our daughter’s growth during the summer and we were very pleased!  My third-grader has a new level of confidence and reading skills to start her new school year.  Thank you, Katherine!"

 - Heather and Harry McGregor

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